About Us

About Us:

PerfectSelf is a software platform designed to help actors create their best self tape recordings for auditions. With the shift towards remote auditions due to COVID-19, actors often struggle to present their best selves using their phone cameras, which can result in poor video and audio quality. PerfectSelf addresses these issues by offering an easy-to-use software that allows actors to find available readers to read scripts with them via video conferencing.

PerfectSelf eliminates the need for actors to sit with a live reader for hours on end, trying to record the perfect read and act at the same time. Rather, our software allows the actor to record their part of the script with the recording of the reader from the video conferencing session to simulate a live reader. The actor can record their part of the script on their own time with the perfect read to create a better finished product and saves an immense amount of time.

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  • Our Actor Reader Matching Platform ensures a high quality reader trained by PerfectSelf that is best suited for each script type and has been. No longer do actors need to rely on their family or bother other actors to record a self tape. Actors can search for readers that are either available immediately or can schedule a session with a reader that matches the right criteria for the script such as gender, voice type, and accent.
  • The Self Tape Video Conferencing System allows actors and readers to connect virtually to record the perfect read of the script by acting out the script. Actors and readers can provide feedback to each other to achieve the perfect read for the actor to record with later.
  • Reader Isolation separates the recording of the video conferencing session and creates a video of just the reader speaking to allow the actor to record on top of the perfect read on their own time.
  • The Live Reader Simulation Recording Tool allows the actor to record as many takes with the perfect read. The actor can see the video of the reader and hear the reader from the phone speakers to simulate the live experience.
  • Our Live Feedback Tool is used to give live feedback notifications to the actor on their lighting, sound, placement and more and how to adjust it to ensure a consistent result and eliminate any errors in recording to produce a higher quality result.
  • The Library makes it easy to see all of your takes and auditions and easily sort and organize your recordings on the cloud to eliminate space on your phone.

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